19 Aug 2010

It pays to speak up… Cap’n is blown away!

Well tonight the Cap’n is down in London. In fact  I was here last night as well. Errrh and I can show you exactly where I am, in one of the executive suites at the Holiday  Inn (Bloomsbury) on Coram Street.

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MapCap’n and one of his ‘crew’ were dining at the Holiday Inn. Dessert for the Cap’n took 20 min to come and was cold. Ummm errh.. in England they serve rhubarb crumble hot with hot custard. Two min earlier the Cap’n had enquired ‘what’s happening’ and was reassured that the dessert was in the oven – that it had to be served hot.

So you could understand my disappointment after 20 min and receiving it cold.  I complain. So they take it away and reassure me that the dessert will be back shortly. Errhh that turned into 10 minutes. So Cap’n and crew member decide to depart but not so easy. 

Well, as you might have come to know, the Cap’n does not accept second rate service or lower. So I raise a complaint with the Manager. Well, well, the manager, Mr Pascoa, turns up promptly, extends his hand for a handshake and seeks to understand the source of dissatisfaction.

I’m blown away!! This guy is a good listener. He’s willing to see the problem and put it right! I can’t believe it. Am I in England or what? Like this is not the norm in England. I says to him, I’ll be happy if he just credits the cost of the dessert back to my room charge. Unusually he said that he would investigate and probably do better. Five minutes later I bump into him. Guess what?!!! He says that he’d waive the charge for my ‘crew member’s’ meal!! And.. and he then offers me a complimentary drink!!! Now that’s what I call putting things right!!

I’m just blown away!! You know in England this kindah thing just doesn’t happen. I know becuz I’ve been living here for 20 years. I know the culture. Ah well – when you get it ‘good’ – you can’t complain. That’s how I like it – lifting a glass and saying cheers!! Best wishes to Mr Pascoa and Holiday Inn!