31 Aug 2010

Let it slip, let it slide

Contacted for comment, he said, “In my years in service I gave it my best short [sic]. I did not do it for recognition or reward. I felt it was my responsibility. I got paid to do a job and I gave it my best short [sic]. It’s good after all these years someone recognises it”.

This Newsday article has no author, simply ascribed to ‘Newsday Reporters’. I don’t blame them, I’d not want my name put to this either. However, I do have to ask – “where the hell are the editors?!” Or maybe I should be asking, “Who the hell are the editors?”

By the way, one thing I cannot let slip or slide is the award to Premchan Sookhoo. As someone who knows him, and is aware of his ‘community service’ (and all the intelligence of a red brick, as I have often said), I am sorely disappointed in this award. He has, in his 29 or so years service, done next to nothing for the people. However, this is his reward for supporting Kamla, as everyone knows.