24 Aug 2010

London life

FreeFoto.com - St Pancras International railway station

Well, recently I’ve been spending more time in central London. I used to live in London back in 1990-1994.

It’s all change as you can imagine. The roads are busier with cars, bicycles, people, animals – you name it.

Structures have become more modern. There are zillions more signs. Cameras pry on your every movement even catching a slight twist of your buttocks when you think it’s safe to break wind (aka fart).

FreeFoto.com - HMS Belfast, The River Thames, LondonToday I was on the ‘tube’ (daize a train t’ing dat goes under dee grong). Interesting interaction, I was observing. The look of love in a couples eyes. She a slim young good-looking girl giggling at nothing - drunk on her own love-chemicals - from looking into her mates eyes (he standing just 5 feet away.)

Errh – allyuh eh go know the significance of this mating business – ah mean after all allyuh could mate any old time dong on dat well heated rock. Anyway, in the summer here that’s when all (ah mean most) of the mating happens. They tend to hook up at Xmas parties and mate in the summer.

But when I tell you skin exposed, eh – or gord. Deese umen over here walking arong virtually half-naked. Any surprises? No – i’s dee mating season – and the the female of the human species disobeys all the rules in the lower tiers of the animal kingdom; where the male is the prettier one who works harder at this mating business.

FreeFoto.com - Piccadilly Circus, London, England

Then – food. Boy any side yuh tu’n is food, ah mean shops selling some kinda food. All varieties man. Dis is a big and hungry city – capital o’ dee world – and lots of food and drink is needed to keep this workforce going.

Drink? – doh talk. Pubs (aka bars, but not wid steel cage an’ t’ing) all over man. Booze is a serious part of the oil of this massive machinery to keep people moving. And cigarettes – doh talk. The sad part is that I observed more women than men smoking! Bad, very bad – especially as any shop window that sells tobacco products has a big sign saying “Smoking Kills”. Errrh – why dey selling tings that kill people – doh arks me, maybe people need to kill demselves while slaving for a few quid (bucks eef yuh associated with America).

Well what a future-shock I’m having in this part of the world. It’s interesting growing older. You don’t pay so much attention to fine detail (though I still do) but now you look back at patterns, contrasts and the way things change. That’s a most interesting experience – I never knew it could be like this 20 years ago. More to come on this – later perhaps.