8 Aug 2010

Merely a guest of religion 1

I am not a fan of either pundit or priest. Since about the age of 15, I have realised that they are more or less ignorant as the rest of us. Therefore, to seek counsel from either is always a mystifying experience when I see the lines to these charlatans.

Not only is their ignorance manifested in simple living experiences, but they hasten to provide proof at every turn.

Case in point: When I was in Trinidad, I had cause to attend a Hindu ‘prayers’ at the home of Mrs Jumbie’s relatives. Afterward, I remarked to her it was the first such I attended in 27 years and might be the last for the same period to come. I cited the pundit as the cause of my discontent.

He shared a story: Some woman in his community lived to be 94 years old, recently died. She’d lived her whole life as a Hindu, attending all his prayer meetings but was sent off as a member of another religion by relatives. Then he said: “You know why? I know why. But I cyah tell allyuh why. It inappropriate to say why in this forum. But I know why.”

So the first thing that came to mind was: “Why the f**k are you mentioning it? And what is the point?”

I was about to ask that out aloud, seriously, when I remembered (just in time) I was merely a guest.