2 Aug 2010

A story of sex, diamonds, power and ruthlessness.

Well allyuh know I have tuh start up dee wrong way.. I doh encourage nobody tuh read anyt’ing I write. Me nah in competition wid nobody. Dee akshaan is happening on 5th August 2010 (details at end of dis post).

So – in a land far away from yuh daily struggles wid gun crime, crash dummies dropping like flies and the moaning and wailing about a regime dat tief out allyuh money – dey is fightin’ a battle for justice… a battle for your rights! Eh heh? Yes – eh heh. Yuh cyah wait – yuh only want tuh get tuh dee sex and diamonds t’ing eh. Hol’ strain nah boy!

Sex – well sex on legs – dat’ll be Naomi Campbell. Diamonds – dat’ll be dee one o’ dee blood diamonds dat a ruthless dicatator allegedly with Trinbagonian links, allegedly gave to Naomi Campbell.

Fuh what? Look w’at yuh arksin me now. How I go know? Why man does gih uman dem big expensive ring wid flashy diamon’? Some kinda ‘trade’ perhaps – me eh know nah.

Power – see Charles Taylor biography at BBC. Blood diamonds read about it here: BBC 2010-07-05.

Wha’ dah have tuh do wid we? Yuh arskin yuh self. Boy allyuh does make me laugh oui! A man who jes get ousted from govament who was on a path to destruction of a Nation and eventually committing crimes against humanity… allyuh eh know bout dat? Chriyssst man!! Allyuh bline or what? Deese international criminal courts are the last hope to deter psychopathic or psychotic world leaders!! Get it now? No? Heaven help allyuh oui.

Right – whey tuh tune een: The Special Court for Sierra Leone. Dis is where on 5th August you can get a glimpse of Naomi Campbell live facing one of the most important and powerful courts in the world. She eh go be knockin ova no cyameras, ah can tell yuh dat! And eef she play dee ass wid dee court dey will lock up she ass!

Yep – it’s gonna be a big event. The Captain has the inside word dat 200 journalists are already camping outside dee court..it’s gonna be a media feeding frenzy out dey. Dee court has already been prepared to stream live video rong (aka around) dee world. Also chtune (aka tune) een to dee akshan on Twitter: http://twitter.com/SpecialCourt .

Somebody arksin eef is live video feed. Yes – is live video feed from the The Special Court for Sierra Leone. Nah doh arks meh whey dee link is jes click on The Special Court for Sierra Leone and look fuh it.