27 Aug 2010

That laptop issue–a few misconceptions.

Just wanted to respond to a comment on this article. I have to do it here because once again, the biased Guardian has blocked FOUR of my accounts from posting comments.

At 600.00 USD per laptop - First Official PP racket. Dr Gopeesingh not fooling everyone. It's an Internet age - We know prices.

Most laptops are cheaper because of low grade or inferior software. Many don't come with Microsoft Office for example which retails at a cost almost equal to that of a regular laptop. The student version adopted by the Gov't is still around £72 (at Amazon).

The computers will be outfitted with tracers and special security software that will prevent the children from accessing "bad sites", he [Gopeesingh] added.

"The Ministry has placed specific emphasis on ensuring the technical relevance and applicability of the machines, particularly as the laptops are expected to serve students for multiple years," Gopeesingh said

"As a result, the laptops will be outfitted with... faster processing speeds, improved wireless capability, Bluetooth (wireless) connectivity, larger internal storage, faster hard drive speed, extended battery life, Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 and Learning Essentials 2.0 for Microsoft Office."

All in all US$600 might turn out to be a bargain since that price really is for a low spec, refurbished laptop. A higher spec is just over $1000 (650.00 GBP = 1,007.53 USD). Notice Office is still not included in that price, nor tracing etc etc.