19 Aug 2010

What gives?

Sometimes, behind the acts of ‘upright’ men lie unfathomable reasoning.

Take John Jeremie for instance, past AG. How many legal briefs or legal opinions did John Jeremie the AG request from John Jeremie Chambers? The same name is no coincidence… the figures will probably horrify people.

In like manner, his successor Anand Ramlogan has passed the baton of his ‘former’ office to Cindy Bhagwandeen, Mark Seepersad and Gerard Ramdin. Do the latter names sound familiar?

It’s because the current AG has now chosen junior attorneys from his ‘former’ practice to sit on a legal team to investigate corruption into State affairs by the previous administration. He has already said there is no limit to the cost of the investigation – I know not if this refers to fees for said cronies team members.

The question now I have to ask is ‘What gives, Anand?’