5 Aug 2010

When are diamonds not a girl’s best friend?

Well dis is an update on dee Naomi Campbell story. Jumbie and dee Cyaptain were glued on to dee live feed from dee Sierra Leone Special Court dis morning. ‘Twas real akshaan.

In essence NC admitted receiving a pouch with some dirty stones…heh heh!  - from two men!! OMG! Buh get dis - she didn’ know dey woz diamonds until somebody tell she what dey was dee nex’ morning. So she den pass dee stones to sumbody who was working for Nelson Mandela. Check more of dee details here.

NC said, "I had never heard of Charles Taylor before, never heard of the country Liberia before, had never heard the term 'blood diamonds'.” Like she have ancestral links wid donkey islanders – as per dohtishness quotient - or what ? (^_~) Ah bong tuh get sumbody vex wid dat one – eh. LOL.

So – dey not a girl’s bes’ friend when dey are dirty. Don’t go near dirty stones!! Any dissenting opeenion out dey? ROFL.