10 Aug 2010

Windows Live

I have been using the soon-to-be-released Windows Live 4 beta. The interface in the Windows Live Mail is similar to Office 2007/2010, with a user friendly and very functional ribbon replacing the traditional toolbar.

The new betas of Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, Writer, and Messenger connect to photo and video sharing (SkyDrive, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, SmugMug), social networking (Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin), email (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail), blogging (Spaces, WordPress, Blogger), and document productivity (Office Web Apps) services. And the new Windows Live Sync keeps your files synchronized across multiple PCs and in the cloud.

Of course, having upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit, I am now using the 64 bit versions of the software, and I am really impressed with the Live Writer especially… it’s what I use to write my blog. The rest of the software does not slouch behind though; Live Mail accessing my hotmail accounts with speed and as mentioned before, the ribbon is more user friendly and functional.

Give it a try, you may like it.