20 Sept 2010

120 days and counting

From one rotdog  at the Trinidad Guardian:

Persad-Bissessar took the oath of office on May 26, two days after the historic landslide victory against the PNM, and immediately got to work, dealing with massive flooding across the country.

Two days later, she named her cabinet. And four months later, she has fulfilled a majority of her pledges - at least 21 of the 32 from our count - a first for any government in Trinidad and Tobago. (If our tally is inaccurate, please send us a note. For quick reference GREEN is for done; RED is for in progress)

Here's what they promised and what they delivered:

1. Laptop computers for all SEA students entering secondary schools for the first time (Done)
2. Expand and improve GATE (Done)
3. Change senior citizens grant to senior citizens' pension of $3,000 a month (Done)
4. Kill the property tax legislation (Done)
5. Have an integrated approach to address flooding and food security (Done)
6. Re-afforestation of areas burnt in last dry season (Done)
7. Rehabilitate and pave existing access roads, build new ones (In progress)
8. Establish the Ministry of the People (Done)
9. Review the minimum wage (Done - change to $12.50 an hour from $9)
10. Launch first phase of an anti-crime plan (Done)
11. Identify and address fundamental problems affecting law and order (Done)
12. Increase police presence everywhere (In progress)
13. Connect all police stations to a national operations centre (In progress)
14. Review and strengthen laws to combat white-collar crime (In progress)
15. Strengthen the National Security Council (Done)
16. Review challenges at the nation’s public hospitals (In progress)
17. Establish a $100 million LIFE fund for children (Done - legislation to be passed)
18. Camera technology at traffic lights, system for ticketing offenders (In progress)
19. Government ministries must develop strategic plans in first 60 days (Done)
20. Establish an Economic Development Board (Done)
21. Establish a Civil Society Board (In progress)
22. Consultations on a coherent export strategy (In progress)

23. Initiate a forensic audit on Petrotrin and other state bodies (Done)
24. Establish a legislative agenda (Done)
25. Establish a time table for constitutional reform (Done)
26. Determine the true state of the country’s economy (Done)
27. Share government budget priorities with the public (Done)
28. Develop a plan to complete all infrastructural projects in train in Tobago (Done)
29. Form a committee to make government services more accessible in Tobago (Done)
30. Repair leaks in all WASA lines (In Progress)
31. Each minister to provide one-year action plan to Cabinet (Done)
32. Review poverty alleviation programmes (In progress)

Seems to me, the accomplishments of the PP in 120 days is a vast amount more than that of the PNM in 8 years… but that’s just me…