20 Sept 2010

Another war of words started

Since Michael De La Bastide was Chief Justice, there has been an unfortunate tendency in Trinidad and Tobago for the Ministers (politicians) to lambast the CJ. Bearing in mind that that there is a definite line between the functions of a minister and those of the CJ, I find that this trend is most unfortunate.

The worst was probably the stand off between the Manning administration and Satnarine Sharma. Unfortunately, another imbroglio has reared an ugly head.

The recently noble Hubert Volney (he of the Brad Boyce infamy) has chastised the CJ for accepting the Government housing (from the PNM) that is part of his remuneration package. Volney does not feel he is in the wrong, despite other members of the legal fraternity expressing this point of view, including his Prime Minister (his boss).

Whatever happens, this is certainly not the end of the matter and bears keeping an eye on.