7 Sept 2010

Bruising of egos

CEDROS police officers are investigating an alleged attack on one of their colleagues who claims being beaten by two soldiers in Cedros on Saturday night. PC Daniel Boodoo of the Oropouche Police Station is claiming he was struck on the head several times with a Galil rifle and kicked and beaten by the soldiers.

At the time of the incident, Boodoo’s wife and two children were with him. No one else was injured. Boodoo was taken to the Point Fortin District Hospital where he was treated and discharged.

According to a police report made to the Cedros Police Station at about 7.30 pm on Saturday, Boodoo was driving his vehicle along the Main Road in Icacos Village on his way home when he was stopped by a team of Customs and Excise officers and soldiers who were in a marked Customs and Excise vehicle. Police said Boodoo exited the vehicle on the request of the customs officer. He identified himself as a police officer and enquired as to the reason for being stopped.

An argument ensued between Boodoo and one of the soldiers, the report said, when he was struck on the head with the soldier’s Galil rifle and kicked. Police said Boodoo was then cuffed in the head. Boodoo is now on three days sick leave. Cpl Victor is investigating. No arrest has been made.

Ah yes… I can imagine it. Police duncey jumps out of car and egotistically claims to be ‘ah police’ (‘Allyuh know who I is? I’s ah police! Wey allyuh stopping meh for?’).

And the ego of the duncey soldiers respond in kind.

Now, from the above scenario I envisaged, you can tell I hold no brief for either police dunceys or soldier dunceys, because no matter who is right or wrong, this mostly likely was a bruising of ego that led to a bruising of flesh.