8 Sept 2010

Captain Walker’s Hotline

captains_hotline  This is a  proposal. I would like if readers can give some ideas and feedback. I discussed this briefly with Jumbie before. This idea was inspired by Jumbie’s post: A mother’s pain – reposted. If these people had someone with the right expertise to call – I think their very sad loss could have been prevented. No man! – we have to stop people being treated like stay dogs in the hospitals!

I am tinkering with the idea of setting up hotline to my cellphone so that people in T&T who have problems with their health service can call. Think of it as calling a radio-station’s phone number – as people do in T&T to grumble. What would be the difference?

  1. Just like how the radio-stations might record the call and play it back later, I could do the same. Yes – play back calls from this blog. The difference is wider coverage and clear follow-up pathway visible to all.
  2. I would certainly be willing to draft letters of complaint, to address any complaints received.
  3. Letters can be displayed right here on the blog. As regular readers know we have the power to display endless amount of documents from right here. When your health authority or ministry see these things in a public space they cannot ignore you. And they better treat you or your relatives with respect that you are due.
  4. Letters of complaint will be followed up.
  5. With authorisation, phone calls can be made to health authorities, ministries and even health service staff - like doctors. Of course they wouldn’t want to talk on the phone – it wouldn’t bother me – i’s part of the presshaaaahhhhh!! And regular readers know by now I doh let up!
  6. You will get akshaan – that is the main difference.

I hoping Jumbie could help out with some of the letters, phone-calls and follow-ups etc. Anybody else want to help out with this let me know. No – we eh payin’ nobody money tuh do dis. And no profit will be made. No one will be asked for a red cent!

Cost? – doh worry – I’ll take care of all outgoings because I have the means to cover it. Yeah – ah rich!

The only cost to callers would be the call to a USA or UK landline number. For callers who can use Skype they can make the call totally free. This is taking blogging to a new dimension. I’d be grateful for ideas and feedback that can make this happen.