1 Sept 2010

Dunceys - need or greed?

If murdered municipal police officer Jason Thomas, 37, was paid a proper salary, he would not have had the cause to work his taxi at nights, Pastor Rolston Bodkin yesterday told scores of mourners among them, several of his colleagues.

He said, “I am asking myself if it is we can bring a Canadian to pay one hundred and something thousand dollars, why is that municipal police still working for $4,000 and $5,000. If Jason had been properly paid he might not have been working his taxi that hour of the night.”

Eh heh? This pastor is talking nonsense out of the side of his arse. Long has it be known that need is never a reason for graft and corruption, but greed. Long has it been known too that dunceys are not above receiving some sort backhanders in order not to issue tickets, charges etc. Some are not above touting themselves as guides to tourists either, would you believe?

P1010460I recall some years ago there was a certain constable patrolling Mucurapo Street, San Fernando who would casually (and in open view) take $5 from the ‘PH’ drivers to allow them to park in front of the market and hustle passengers to areas like Débé, Suchit Trace, Ramai Trace, Woodland, La Romain etc.

To all those making calls for more pay for police officers in hopes that the intense corruption will stop, you may as well be hoping for P**rick to walk on water.