25 Sept 2010

London Life – another perspective

This week gone, I was in London – working hard as usual. I could have taken taxi’s between hotel and work venue, 20100921876however, I thought I’d get some exercise and did the journey too and from on shank’s pony.

To the left is a photo from my hotel room. You can spot my computer. I’d return there to relax, surf the net, check emails and give Jumbie the usual ribbing.

Somebody want tuh know eef i’s 5-star – yuh know dee mentality. So yes, i’s 5-star. Dat make any difference – oh gord man.

Moving on to more important matters. The total walking-time, outward journey and return, was on average 45 mins each day. On mornings, I got out of the hotel between 08:45 and 08:55. On evenings I took a more leisurely stroll back up between 16:30 and 18:30, popping into shops on the way. You can follow some of my journey on the left. You can click the play button, to get a feel of the journey. (Exact destinations disguised for security reasons.)

The amazing things I’ve noticed may seem not so amazing to others:

  • This city is largely about the young. I mean like under 40s. Yes you will see people over 60 but they are in the minority and in high management or decision-making positions.
  • Lots of women smokers – probably as much as male smokers.
  • It’s about food, entertainment, and money – this place is fast man! 
  • Sex? – yes but I lumped that under entertainment.
  • Fashion? – doh talk! The latest and the greatest roam these parts in the best.
  • Transport – buses, cycles, cars, rickshaws, skateboards, rollerblades – you name it, they’ve got it and they’re on it. This place moves. If you don’t watch where you’re going, you get run over. Distraction by a mini-skirt for a split second can easily cost you your life. No – Cap’n eh so chupid – doh start. LOL.
  • Booze – this is the ‘oil’ for the whole thing. By 16:30 the pubs begin to get crowded. And by 18:30 it’s swinging.

In essence nobody is here primarily of the fun of it! They work their asses off and reward themselves various pleasures with their hard earned money. It’s a massive engine, driven by hunger for money, power and pleasure.