9 Sept 2010

Murder by dunceys?

Some days ago (06/09/10) the newspapers printed a story about 2 young men being shot to death in Penal. The motive is allegedly NOT robbery.

Police have ruled out robbery, since both men were still wearing expensive gold chains, rings and ID bands.The money in their wallets was untouched. Edmund had on a thick gold ID bracelet which a bullet had smashed straight through.

I do have to wonder though, who is investigating these deaths? That question arises since:

A police corporal has been reportedly quizzed in connection with Sunday’s double murder of 35-year-old Gary Shah, of Gransaul Street, San Fernando, and Anderson Edmund, 22, of Lodge Road, Claxton Bay. Both men were killed on the SS Erin Road in Penal. Police sources said the two men had an argument with the policeman at a Penal bar where he was reportedly employed as a bouncer.

One of my local sources had this to say:

They was liming by elite sports bar
An they had ah lil fight with a policeman bouncer, he tell them they leaving penal dead
One minute after they left the bar, witness say a police van an ah black suv intercept them an bullets from both vehicles

Now, it seems there is a witness to the actual shooting and several witnesses to the argument itself:

…statements already have been taken from several people who were at the bar when the argument broke out.

Will these deaths have a fair and transparent investigation? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?