30 Oct 2010

Captain’s groceries.. KIND bag

This is not what you’d expect. There is nothing great about this photo really. In there is milk, eggs, cleaning products, a camera case and other stuff. The bag is woven from hemp or somik. It saves lives! Yes -  thousands of animals are killed by choking on traditional disposable ‘plastic’ bags.

  1. “1% of visible litter in the UK is made up of carrier bags
  2. 2% of the total litter on our beaches are carrier bags
  3. 0.3% of the domestic waste stream is generated by carrier bags
  4. 94% of UK understands the need to recycle - but still 6 billion bags are wasted each year, which is enough to plaster London!
  5. 1 in 10 people accept a carrier bag for an item they will consume straight away!
  6. 16 is the average number of bags a UK family have in their household at any time!
  7. 19% of the UK population insist on a new bag every time they shop and over 40% have more than 40 bags stored in their house right now!”

Reference: ASDA.