27 Oct 2010

Scammers on the loose

I received a call yesterday from a ‘client’ who alerted me to a scam operation in the works.

A company called CoMantra (based in India apparently) calls up people and tells them they have viruses or problems in their computers. They ask the person to switch on the computer then have them go through a series of actions to ‘solve’ the problem. At the end, they ask for credit or debit card details and charge for ‘the work they just did’ and also for payments to some organisation in Kolkata, India.

Their website certifies them as a Microsoft Gold Partner, however, they are certainly not on the up and up. In other words, they are scammers. Frankly, I’ve never heard of Microsoft calling up anyone offering PC repairs. Free or otherwise. To me this is the equivalent of someone calling you up and saying you won a lottery you never entered.

Keep a sharp lookout. You could be next on their list.