11 Oct 2010

That unique Trini Language

Trinis are a unique lot of people who can be spotted a mile off.

They can be identified by their body language, speech, decorum, taste, and even their judgement of time and space..

They are very defensive when mistaken for any islander other than a Trini.

A Trini's choice of words to describe a breadfruit falling from a tree identifies the state of the ripeness of the fruit, and where it fell:-.

A ripe fruit falling to the ground will fall BLAF, whereas a ripe fruit falling on a galvanized roof will fall BLANG.

A green fruit on the other hand will fall to the ground BUDUFF, and the same fruit falling on the same roof will fall BLANG A DANG.

A door will open, if its hinges need oiling, KREEKES and will close BADAM or CLITTICKS depending on the force used to close it.

He describes a horse galloping as BROOGOODOOK, BROOGOODOOK.

His expressions of surprise are AHA, O GAWD. BON JAY, WEE FOUTE.

His expression of disgust is AH CHUT usually accompanied with a stamping of the feet.

His expression of joy is GHEEZAN AGES.

His salutations are WOY, MAN, CHILE , BREDS, and even STRANGER..

Trini women call each other CHILE, the men call each other BOY and the boys call each other MAN.

If you think that is confusing they refer to any older person of the male sex as UNCLE and the female sex as TANTIE.

When Trinis hang-out, they are LIMING.

When you are a Trini of mixed race usually Indian and Negro you are a DOUGLA.


Trinis have an interesting list of body parts you won't find in any biology book.  TOT TOTS, TOTE, TOTO, TUNTUN, BAM BAM, BUMSEE and NABLE. You have an open cut or scratch on your knee-is ah BO BOE. A physically challenged person to a Trini is a BROKOFOOT,  a fat woman is a BOOBOOLOOPS.  A giddy head is called BAZODEE ,

And if you should fall into a fit of convulsion you are considered to have caught MALKADEE. When you relate a story and the other person get it: ORHORE is used to confirm, even if you not interested...Eh Heah!

A Trini's punctuality Is atrocious.  NOW is LATER, LATER is SOMETIME TOMORROW, and YESTERDAY - well that propels an attack of amnesia.

And as a Trini will say IF AH LIE, AH LIE

I got this in an email a few minutes ago from Tax Man. Could not stop laughing for a while; deadly accuracy in this.