22 Oct 2010

Things that don’t make sense to me

  • A two year old child is beaten to death by an abusive adult. The newspapers once more conflict, by the way. The Newsday has the mother’s name as Devika Rani Rooplal. The Guardian as Davikarani Roopwa and the Express as Davika Ranie-Roopchand. Not meant to detract from the disgust I feel over the crime itself eh.fullfront1295front
    • Yes, the child and wife battering goes on. I recall the cases of Akeil Chambers, Sean Luke and others, and all I feel is disgust and anger. As a parent, I know how I would feel towards any child even those not my own, and I can tell you, it is nowhere close to the ‘humanity’ expressed by these individuals. I use the word ‘humanity’ in the opposite sense to its regular meaning since I firmly believe we have it wrong: we are the only specie deliberately cruel without cause.
    • I wonder who, and how many times, the police or any authorities were called?
    • An interesting side note: the lawyer in the landmark case of R v Ahluwalia (made into a movie named Provoked, starring Ashwariya Rai) which first established a defence for battered women, is none other than G Robertson QC, who also wrote the book The Case for the Pope. He was also the defending barrister in the famous ‘Pratt & Morgan’ case (Pratt v Jamaica) that established 5 year limit for hanging people on death row. And he defended former Chief Justice Sat Sharma.
  • A woman is kidnapped (from all initial accounts) and rescued. Now she claims the dunceys shot her husband in cold blood. This is one rare occasion I actually stood on the dunceys side… until I saw a duncey comment as follows:
  • Good morning T&T , this is why T&T will never move forward in a million years. Am not putting bad mouth, but it is reality. I was a Police in T&T many years ago, and stationed at Point Fortin for more than 6 years on seperate occasions. I know theses people very well, and the wife should not say police killed her husband when he always beating her up and the children. At one stage we use to guard her at her mothers house in warden road, until she fell for my mate. Ask her about PC Ali. She even wanted a divorce from rabbit to marry Ali, because she just could not deal with it no more, her kids went to school on PC Ali money and her mom know about it. She is talking bear rubbish and she knows it. Rabbit was a menace to society just like his good friend CHUCK. This was the one rabbit use to hold the guns for and even worse there are police involved like Wolf.... Many thanks....

    • He was ‘a police’, ‘seperate’, ‘theses’,’ bear rubbish’… good heavens above, the dunciness still hasn’t left him.
    • Okay, it’s unfair to tar those who rescued the woman with the same brush I paint this fella, so kudos to those who did a good job in the rescue.
  • No charges yet in the death of police officer R Dobson.
  • The sole decision to prosecute in criminal trials lie with the DPP. Hence he determined that
    • the case did not have any "evidential basis" for the State to move forward. Gaspard added the evidence against both men was insufficient, and the "prospect of a guilty verdict was negligible or nil", adding, "no jury properly directed could convict".
    • This despite the ruling of Coroner Nalini Singh that there was “there was sufficient evidence to charge them for the killing of 22-year-old mechanic Israel Sammy.” So… who is right? And who is ‘more right’?