6 Nov 2010

Amazing New Therapy..

Right – well allyuh know dee Cap does read all kindah t’ing right. So – I happen upon an article in the journal “Complimentary Therapies in Clinical Practice”. Jess hold on wid dee questions in dee back o’ yuh head – puhleese.. I is not a complimentary therapist  or psychologist. I was doing a search on the concept of ‘multifinality’ and accidentally came across dis particular journal paper.

Right – back to whuh as was saying. So in dis journal I come across dis novel therapy dat dey was evaluating. Guess what it called? Guess nah man!

“Prolonged Parent-Child Embrace” Therapy!

The article abstract from Welch et al  on this in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice (2006) 12, 3–12, states:

This pilot study was collected within the course of private practice to assess the progress of children with severe behavioral disorders who were treated effectively with a multiple family therapy prototype, Prolonged Parent–Child Embrace (PPCE) Therapy. Subjects were a consecutive series of 102 patient children aged 4–18 years and their families. Children and their family members were guided for 16h over two consecutive days through intense PPCE Therapy. Families were instructed to continue PPCE Therapy at home for at least 1 year. Scores were compared statistically using t-tests and analysis of variance. For 96 children scores declined on two written measures by approximately 50% between baseline and follow-up (P<0.001). Results showed that PPCE Therapy resulted in significant and prolonged improvements in symptomatic behavior in a majority of children.”

Whuh dat means is dat it works. Errrm.. uhhhh.. am I surprised. How much blasted research do we need to tell people about dee basics of all manner of things related to jes ‘living’, man? Right – well fuh dat ah go gih dee Jumbie some pressshaahhhh. LOL. Mr Jumbie – please note dat dis research shows dat there is a workable alternative to ‘breakin’ a cheil ass’ – you hug the child more often!

Strangely enough though – for adults - if I could invent a therapy for stupidity I might call it: KYAT! – Kick Your Ass Therapy. ROFL.  Ah have a funny feeling, it won’t be very popular. Back to the drawing board!!