30 Nov 2010

Austin ‘Jack’ Warner–the shit thickens

The BBC’s Panorama ran yet another program on corruption in football, specifically on FIFA. No surprise as one Austin ‘Jack’ Warner’s name once more popped up on the list of corrupt officials. The topic this time was bribe taking.

The fourth Fifa executive named in the Panorama programme is Trinidad and Tobago's Jack Warner, one of the organisation's vice-presidents.

Panorama says it has seen e-mails and an invoice which show Mr Warner was involved in the procurement of $84,000 worth of 2010 World Cup tickets.

The e-mail trail suggests the tickets were destined for the black market but the planned deal - including 38 tickets for the final in Johannesburg - collapsed because the touts were not prepared to pay the asking price.

In 2006, Panorama revealed that Mr Warner had sold tickets on the black market for that year's World Cup tournament in Germany.

Fifa subsequently ordered Mr Warner's family business, Simpaul Travel, to make a $1m donation to charity to "compensate for the profits it had made through resale of 2006 Fifa World Cup tickets".

Panorama can be seen free of charge online for the next 30 days at the link posted.

The sum of the bribes? Well over $100M US.

I wonder if Jack ever paid that million dollars to charity as ordered? Anyone know which charity aside from the Warners benefited?

FIFA also seeks to impose 8  secret (leaked by the Dutch) conditions to any Government that wants to host the World Cup. These include:

  • No visas or limits to travellers.
  • Workers rights suspended.
  • New laws to protect FIFA’s sponsors.
  • NO TAX on FIFA or any of its subsidiaries.

What these mean is that Fifa is actually using its clout to usurp the supreme power of Parliament!!

“They have the audacity to seek to instruct Parliament that they will dance to FIFA’s tune.” ~ Lord Corbett.

Jack Warner is flying today to Zurich to meet with British PM David Cameron (must be nice Jack to have a PM licking at the crack in your arse – Oh wait, you already know how that feels!!) and to vote on the next country to host the World Cup.

I wonder how much richer he will return from these few days?