2 Nov 2010

Everybody leave now!!

Well dis story about a PH driver getting shot dead at point blank range may be stale news to many.

Who cares to read bout dem t’ing anymore. Stuff happens – don’t it, dong dey on dee Rock. While others may be t’inking “He mus’ be involve’ in drugs …ah eh believe whuh dey say in dee papers ..dee famaly mus’ say he was clean”. I know dee mentality. It convinces itself dat ‘t’ings eh so bad.. boy life sweet dong ‘ere’ and dat everybody who get shot like dat, ‘involve in some kinda underhand business'. Yuh see dee reality is dat dee country is a stinking mess of a den for violent crime – and dat conclusion is too hard tuh stomach. So – fantasy is a good retreat  - ain’t it?

Well dee odda day Jumbie tellin me’ go dong dey fuh a li’le holiday. Ah figure he was windin meh up nah.. or possibly testing my resolve.

Here’s the news: The Captain still believes that everybody is entitled to his opinion i.e. that ‘everybody’ should leave that godforsaken place – in the interest of their survival. Boat, raft, swimming in dee ocean.. plane .. whatever.. the alternative is to play sitting duck. One day you will get picked orf. I doh play sitting duck.

When relatives dead – push dem in a box and six feet under, or bu’n dey ass (wid me making dusting-my-hands gesture). Ah tell allyuh me eh going and daize it!