20 Nov 2010

Fantasies, delusions and psychoses

Jack Warner claims he was targeted for wiretapping because he was suspected of being a terrorist. This is such a load of gobar [and to quote El Capitan] (Gobar - cow or bull shit for those who don’t know)  that I was almost speechless. But not quite.

I rate this as a preposterous claim, almost as dotish (but not quite) as P**rick’s assassination plot. Jack(ass) is an internationally well-known man. He has a high profile because of his position at Fifa and numerous businesses. To suspect him of being anything more than a corrupt head nigger in charge (his words) is as believable as the Soca Warriors being paid, or that his family did not profit from sales of World Cup tickets or concession sales.

Then P**rick’s fantasy  life unfolds another tale worthy of Alexandre Dumas… Kamla’s private home (given at $150M) is costing more than the ‘palace’ (Prime Minister’s residence and Diplomatic Centre) that he built at $148M. I admit, I have seen this house that is currently being built, and I’d have not think it’s anywhere close to $5M, but then again, it may well have $3M drapes or bedsheets inside.

Sigh. These statements are another sign that St Anns Hospital is a failed institution.