20 Nov 2010

good phone–must be if the captain’s got it!

Yep – the Captain has just got the latest cellphone that kills IPhone! That’ll be the Samsung Galaxy S i9000.

I’ve been losing sleep playing with this technology over the last 4 days! See it below in action – and whipping IPhone left, right and centre.

Great stuff
Whipping the IPhone!! LOL.

The new Froyo 2.2 Android system also adds a nice boost to an already powerful phone! Yep I’ve done the upgrade!!

Sleepless tonight again.


Real-Ketchass said...

Like you rich or what?

Captain Walker said...

Huh? How does such a question arise? Is it related to this post? Explain the nature of the inquiry - and what is your understanding of 'rich'.

Real-Ketchass said...

Like you don't know we catching we ass in this country or what? I cant even aford a phone like that - and you playing with phone in England.

Jumbie said...

Wait for it...

Captain Walker said...

RK, I've been actually speechless for several hours, after reading your comments.

I think the simplest answer is to say that I am rich. I don't see what that has to do with your situation. I'm not selling these phones and I'm not suggesting they are right for you.

I'm here in Englahd because I ketch real ass dong on your Rock. Yes I ketch my ass to put mehself in a situation where I don't have tuh ketch ass no more - and I can play wid phone and all kinda gadgets. My time is very much my own to do as I please.

England has been the best move for me - and I have been encouraging all who suffer on the Rock to leave; not necessarily to England but anywhey else dey could make a life for demselves (dat, in comparison to Donkey Rock, is relatively free from crime, crash-dummies, duncey-force, bobol and poor healthcare).

In fact a few years ago I had made it very public in the TT Express that I was willing to help people 'escape' for free!!! Guess how many people responded, out of the thousands who saw my offer? Two - yes two. Dey only respond out of curiosity but as per usual, no follow up.

So I'm not sorry to say dat I doh feel sorry for you or anybody who ketchin dey ass dong on dat Rock. Such sympathy or empathy is a waste of time - a mere emollient dat might well contribute to continued suffering.

A wise soul once said to me, 'When yuh make yuh bed, yuh have to lay dong in it'. I always remember dat. I spend much of my time thinking and planning my 'moves' for several years ahead. Well, I made 'my bed' and I therefore deserve to lay dong in it and enjoy it now.

I can only urge you to continue ketchin ass. When the pain becomes unbearable it will hopefully drive you to change your current existence. One day hopefully, when you play wid your own fancy phone, or you driving your own Bentley or flying in your private jet, you might remember my words.

Best wishes, Captain Walker.

Jumbie said...

Like you don't know we catching we ass in this country or what? I cant even aford a phone like that - and you playing with phone in England.