10 Nov 2010

Just being human I guess

I remember when Punks was 2 years old. She was still at the stage where she was in danger of toppling over when she was upright, especially if she ran. And she was now forming full sentences, and saying the weirdest things imaginable. Eating the weirdest things imaginable too, like a pack of honey and nuts cornflakes mixed in with a litre of Flavourite chocolate ice cream.

That was the stage where I felt she was most vulnerable, exploring a new world and testing her new found freedom of movement, touch and taste. Everything went into her mouth, or was something to investigate.

It was the stage where she came for hugs, from anyone, trusting everyone.

I know that at that age, had anyone set out to harm my child, I would have turned beast, and become a raging man without sense or reason.

So to read about a full grown hard back man sexually assaulting a 2 years old makes me see red.

Once again though, I point out the inconsistency in bail. You have sex (or attempt to have sex) with a vulnerable 2 years old baby, and your bail is TT$85,000. If you are a student and get caught with having an advance copy of an exam paper and it's TT$1M.