7 Nov 2010

Kind favour from a ghost–and another

Well, well, you know sometimes a small thing happens good that makes you think.

I’m living in a block of flats lately with shared facilities, 150 miles from home. Working again on an ‘assignment’ down in South Wales.

Right – so I put my clothes to wash. They’ve got some good commercial washers and dryers down there. Then I nip back on time to put them in the dryers. The dryers (two) were meant to be finished job in 40 mins. My phone alarm went off for that, but because I was finishing an article for a forum I delayed by 5 minutes.

So when I get to the dryers, which are just 30 seconds walk away, I don’t see my clothes in the dryers. The doors of of both dryers are open – and of course they’re not working. A slight degree of anxiety comes over me. But then I spot just next to the door of one of the dryers is a chair.

On that chair is some clothes neatly folded. On the back of the chair are neatly hung two white shirts. Then I realise in the next few split-seconds that the shirts are mine. And so to are the folded clothes – like my underwear, t-shirt, track-bottoms, and socks in there. I’m pleasantly surprised. Odd though that someone should empty the dryers and do all this and not put clothes back in to dry. In other words I couldn’t have been holding up a queue.

The shirts were so neatly hung, that I now did not need to iron them. Really.

I get back to my room and decide to pack away the soft coloureds. The socks are neatly put together. I just couldn’t believe it!

I don’t know if someone mistook my clothes for their relatives or something.I saw no one around near the laundry room. I was just pleased for the act of kindness. It’s possible someone thought it was their relatives clothes, did the lot, then realised it wasn’t.

The lady who takes care of the rooms here is no ghost of course. She is really hard working. Man, she really scrubs the place and does a thorough job. A few weeks ago she offered to sort out my bedsheets – made up the bed etc. It wasn’t going to be a regular thing. But you know when people are kind to you, you really have to reciprocate. So I’m gonna get her something for Xmas. I’m departing from this area end of November or very early December.