26 Nov 2010

Label and libel

AN UNSIGNED rambling eight-page statement issued allegedly on behalf of San Fernando East MP Patrick Manning was yesterday emailed to media houses from an email address that names Manning’s wife Hazel.

In the statement, issued in apparent response to an earlier statement in Parliament by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar in which she slammed Manning for allegations made last week Friday, Manning reportedly queries why Persad-Bissessar did not lay in Parliament documents she showed to the media yesterday.

Persad-Bissessar held up many documents, including plans and maps, many of which were too large to easily copy and circulate. Documents that were large enough to copy were distributed to the media.

In a statement with potentially libellous assertions, Manning also reportedly said he did not accept Persad-Bissessar’s explanation of her private residence which she said costs $3.5 to $4.02 million, and not $150 million as Manning had said.

Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley yesterday said Manning did not tell him he was issuing this statement in response to one made earlier in the day by Persad-Bissessar in Parliament. Rowley maintained that Manning alone is responsible for any statements he makes about the Prime Minister and his personal conduct in Parliament.

I guess ‘potentially libellous statements’ would ensure that this email will not be released. However, I personally hope that it is ‘leaked’ and goes viral, so that we may all see the contents. I own up to an intense curiosity. (^_^)

From the legal perspective, I foresee that to prove ownership of the email, then the email address may have to be traced back to the person registering it, the IP address of the computer it came from, and that the contents are things that only P**rick has knowledge of. That’s just of the top of my head; I am sure there are a lot more of these legalities that will have to be considered.

Rowley maintained that Manning alone is responsible for any statements he makes about the Prime Minister and his personal conduct in Parliament.

This is a 180° turn by Rowley. When P**rick was making his allegations over the PM’s private residence, he was staunchly supported by his Opposition colleagues. I recall loud desk thumping (unless they were pretending they were thumping him). Rowley even issued a statement in the aftermath in support of P**rick’s statements.

On a separate but equal issue, I had long held the opinion that P**rick was becoming unhinged. Mentally speaking. His behaviour has long been a bit abnormal (my opinion and is not meant to be any medical diagnosis since I am not qualified). My clues to this has been the way and the things he has done. To me, they are/were things a normal reasonable person would shy away from. At least, I would. (^_^)

His latest round of actions seem to point more toward a man suffering from the pangs of defeat that has led to some form of breakdown. His persistence on pursuing the matter of the PM’s private home may be only the latest in the chain; especially in light of the fact that the PM has made public all her documents for public scrutiny. Still, it’s only a matter of time before more people attach the label.