6 Nov 2010

A little caution


This photo, taken last night by my sis with her mobile phone (explains the poor quality) shows the burning house of a former Trini neighbour.

This house was somehow set alight while the family was sleeping, following Diwali night celebrations. Most likely explanation? The family went to bed leaving lit deeyas somewhere upstairs.

It is difficult to work hard all your life to build something for yourself and your family  and in one night lose it all. But to lose it all because you neglected to make sure all flames were out before you went to bed? Isn’t that the height of stupidity?

I suppose the saving grace would be his family was saved when his brother woke them and they sought shelter at the home of a neighbour.

However, it is to the point that a little common sense, and a little health and safety, should occupy some thought.