18 Nov 2010

No apologies for this post

Sometimes I think that Trinidadians only learn when they receive a very harsh, very painful lesson. Not that I support hurting anyone, but there are times I feel that something will be done in health, education, crime etc. only when something really bad happens to the relatives of those really high up.

Imagine Tattoo or one of his relatives getting mugged on the way to or from the bank. Or Brian Manning getting shot and that gun stolen, or even part of the $9M basketball money going in a bandit's pocket. Imagine Jerry Narace or a relative getting burnt or perhaps, Malaria or Dengue (both of which are on the rise). Imagine the kidnapping,  rape, torture of a female government minister, or relative of any PNM ministers.

I wrote that on the 2nd June 2008 on this blog. Well, it’s not that I wish bad upon people, especially upon dunceys but this morning, the first headline I saw was this:



Hang them high says grieving dad

Special Anti-Crime Unit (Sautt) member Phillip Abraham yesterday, after his 20-year-old daughter, Petra Abraham, was gunned down while fleeing from robbers on Tuesday night.

Petra Abraham, also the niece of Supt David Abraham, head of the Homicide Bureau of Investigations (South), was shot once when she attempted to run during a robbery at Ming’s Restaurant and Bar on Leotaud Street, San Fernando.

The Express indicates  that this particular child of a duncey was also a duncey. Instructions were given by the bandits to lie down – she chose to run, no doubt thinking (like Superman) she might be faster than a speeding bullet.

They told patrons to lie on the floor, but Abraham turned and tried to run, police said.

The men fired two shots, and Abraham was hit in the back.

She was taken to hospital by police officers who did not wait for paramedics but died soon after.

“The police came in a few minutes, but the ambulance was taking a while.

The police pick up the girl and put her in the car and went to hospital."

Perhaps now we will see that more effort is made by the top dunceys to get the juniors to work instead of sleeping all night in air conditioned stations that are closed to the public. I note with interest that in this instance the dunceys arrived within minutes and even before an ambulance could appear, they bundled the victim into a car and were away to the hospital. Not so for the ordinary folks.

A few days ago, the newspapers printed a story of a Princes Town market vendor who was beaten to death with a shovel. Not to be left out, his wife and 1 year old child were also beaten with the same shovel. Dunceys, no doubt from the infamous rat-infested P/Town police station, refused to come out from the station until they saw the bleeding child. The mother lamented upon their laziness and callousness.

In a way, I am glad that senior dunceys have now been affected, as victims. They have long abused the public, and in their (almost) egocentric psychosis, they have allowed their relatives to abuse the public (and junior dunceys). Remember when the son of Gilbert Reyes bit the junior duncey and was freed by  phone call from daddy?

Perhaps now, in the loss of a close relative, we may actually see positive action being taken. Unfortunately, I hazard a guess that the usual tactic will be employed. We will find some poor geezer being arrested, beaten to a pulp into confessing and the cry for revenge assuaged. ‘Hang them high’, indeed.