2 Nov 2010

Remote desktop working

Right – some may not know that the Captain is actually a computer wizard! At times I put dee Jumbie in school. Smile 

This is a cool little trick for those who need to work on their home or office-based computers from zillions of miles away. You can do this – work on your desktop from your laptop while you’re on the road – or .. or from a hand-held computer like an Iphone or Ipad.

So your big computer is at home. You’ve got some things on your laptop but you need a few files from the desktop at home. It could be a real problem – you’re 500 miles away. You need to print that one document now – from your portable printer. How are you gonna do that?

You get a nifty piece of software called VNC. It costs only $USD 30.00. Well for the Cap – it is well worth the cost.

VNC is a bit tricky if you’re behind a thing called a NAT firewall on your router. But there is a very easy workaround to forward the ports.

The steps:

  1. Set up VNC Server on home desktop computer and get the computer running.
  2. Set up VNC viewer on laptop you will be working away from home.
  3. Work around any firewall issues.
  4. Connect Viewer to Server – and Bob’s yurr uncle!!

It really is that easy. Thumbs up

To see how it works click About VNC.