16 Nov 2010

Sleeping with one eye open

In a survey done by the Daily Mail, some surprising information was revealed about the sex lives of the British – you can read more here.

For our poll on British Women And Sexuality we asked nearly 1,000 women, aged 20 to 60-plus, about their affairs, their fantasies and how often they had sex.

We asked them when they lost their virginity, how much they enjoyed intercourse, if they had faked an orgasm and whether they’d had an abortion.


A sampling of the results from the survey.

A staggering six out of ten women in the 50-59 age bracket admit that they fake orgasms with their husband, with one in ten doing so on a regular basis.

Our poll reveals that the vast majority of women in their 20s — 84 per cent — have sex once a week or more. Moreover, in the 20-29 age group, 59 per cent of women rated their physical relationships ‘good or excellent’.

Only ten per cent of women rate their sex live as 'excellent'.

Charlotte ChurchThe majority of women cite various reasons for declining sexual lives including age, lower sex drives, pressures of work, children, etc. This apply to their spouses as well, not only the women.

12 per cent of British women, aged 20 to 60-plus, are unfaithful to their spouses. Of these, 76% of the middle-aged men forgive them, while 42% overall will forgive an unfaithful wife. (The photo on the left is singer Charlotte Church who is rated as a celebrity that British women are most likely to resemble).

We have already noted that 12 per cent of women across all our surveyed age groups have had emotional or sexual affairs, though 8 per cent say their extra-marital ­relationships were purely sexual.

The same proportion of women -12 per cent - said their husbands or partners have been unfaithful.

Social psychologist Dr Gary Wood is not surprised by this parity. ‘It’s a popularly held misconception that men fall into an evolutionary stereotype, that they’re compelled by some primal urge to go out spreading their seed,’ he says.

article-1329714-0C12D475000005DC-895_468x218The age at which men are most liable to stray is during their 20s (18 per cent do) or, rather startlingly, 60-plus, when 14 per cent succumb to affairs. Meanwhile, the widely held belief that men are likely to assuage mid-life crises with extra-marital liaisons is, in fact, a myth.

Men in the 40 to 49 age group are most likely to be monogamous, ­perhaps because of the responsibilities of parenting, with just five per cent of them straying. When women transgress, 47 per cent do so with male friends or work colleagues.

And women appear to be ­inherently adept at duplicity. Almost six out of ten over all age groups say their husband never discovered their affair.

Erotic fantasies feature in one in five women’s sex lives: 20 per cent admit to thinking about other people when having sex with their partner — and 4 per cent direct their carnal thoughts at another woman.

Those with the most fertile imaginations are in their 30s — just over a third indulge private sexual thoughts about other ­people.

article-1329999-0C162460000005DC-626_468x222What about the saying that British girls are ‘easy’? There might be some truth to this, though whether they are ‘easier’ than women elsewhere I have no idea or comparative statistics.

All in all, this is a place where it pays to keep an eye open, one way or the other.