8 Nov 2010

This make me buss out laughing like a madman

I did a show at Martin’s on the Boulevard, the band jammed up in this little backyard, the place packed and, in the middle of it, Beau Tewarie and Deepak Chopra came in. After three or four songs, I started Calypso Music. And like they had to go somewhere, they got up to leave. Over the whole sound system, a man bawl, “Nah! Nah!Nah! My king on the stage and Deepak Chopra walking out? While he singing the great Calypso Music. @#$$# you, Deepak mother #$#@ Chopra!”

You couldn’t get that in a stadium.

David Rudder

Trinidad is the only place where people don’t eat food, they declare war on it. They lash a roti! They put some blows on a pelau! They leather the dumpling! They murder the pudding! Trini don’t eat food, they’s fight food. And win!

David Rudder