31 Dec 2010

9 days memories

Trinbagonians have short memories. It’s probable around 9 days, hence the link to ‘9 days wonder’ and why issues are remembered for a maximum of 9 days. Case in point…

Sir Ellis Clarke is dead. Gone. Now, in his heyday, Sir Ellis was much admired. Even by me as a child. I used to think, “What?! He write ah whole Constitution? By heself? Dat man ha’ brains fuh allawe put together.” Yep, it’s a fact. Sir Ellis wrote the first Constitution of the country, post Independence. Scholar, statesman, scholarship winner… the accolades are pouring in, like that broken BP oil well.

My memory longer than most peoples’. I recall a sly, sleight of hand, undermining attempt to rewrite the Constitution to make P**rick into an Executive President.

RIP, Sir Ellis. You deserve it.