22 Dec 2010

Abusing the hands that ‘feed’ you

Interesting information dispersed in this Daily Mail article. Some excerpts below…

Around a third of young British Muslims favour killing in the name of Islam, according to a survey revealed by the WikiLeaks' publication of U.S diplomatic cables.

A survey of 600 Muslim and 800 non-Muslim students at 30 universities throughout the UK conducted by the Centre for Social Cohesion found that 32 percent of Muslims on UK campuses believe killing in the name of religion is justified.

The survey results, …  …suggests increasing radicalisation among Britain's young Muslims.

Muslims were also found to have the highest disability rates - with 24 per cent of men and 21 per cent of women claiming a disability - while the cable also cited statistics claiming Muslims were also the most likely group to be unavailable for work or not actively seeking employment due to illness, their studies or family commitments.

I see that UK Muslims have a life with their own systems within the British system. I wrote previously about their having a Sharia law system running in tandem with the British legal system. It’s not exactly a parallel system: Muslim women are at a disadvantage from the get go, and violence against them is well documented especially when men feel slighted (dishonoured?).

One of the things that piss me off big time is the fact that British people, and British systems including law tiptoe around the 3.7% [roughly 2.4M out of 65M] Muslim population. Essentially this empowers that group far more than they deserve, but fear of offence also causes unfair advantage to this group. In my experience (note) no other group in the UK has it as good, while claiming to be more disadvantaged.

No one yet has the gumption to say enough is enough. I admire the French and Australians for putting their feet down.

Don’t get me wrong. I have Muslim friends here in the UK. I found them to be fair minded, reasonable and willing to listen and even explain their culture as far as they understand it. It is the ones who abuse us – the other groups in society – and abuse the fairness of the systems that gets my goat.