1 Dec 2010

The Big Bloomers

It seems there is a dire need for big bloomers for ‘larger’ women.

The Big Bloomers Company was set up by mother and daughter Dianne and Laura Mannering earlier this year making underwear up to XXXXXXXXL for 35 stone women.

But they were inundated with calls from obese women around the world claiming they are too small.

So the pair have developed their latest range - which are a staggering XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL - to fit 45 stone women who have a 8.75ft waistline and a dress size of 74.

Women from New Zealand, France and Australia have already been clamouring for the items, which have been flying off the shelves since going on sale last week.

Now, I am a fan of sexy knickers (or what they cover) just like any other red blooded male, but I have to say, the thought of getting it on with a woman wearing bloomers almost as big as my bed sheet… well, it scares the pants off me!!

Still, money is money, and rising obesity pays it seems.