5 Dec 2010

British Steel

Ah..haahhh haaa…. the Captain has just rediscovered Judas Priest!!! Well amma ecstatic! Yeah – was a thing from my youth – and hey the Cap is still as young inside as back then. The English invented heavy metal, of course – and whaddayah know – Judas Priest originated right in dee Jumbie backyard – Brum dat is!!!

judas_priest_album_coverJudas Priest - British Steel
Serious metal

And the Cap even drives in the best of ‘British Steel’. Winking smile

Their 2005 album…revolution looms.

Yep they’re very different and so am I. Well their message is unusual.. if you can decipher it – it puts you to think. Interestingly, I only now discover so many years later, how much all this kind of stuff has influenced my thinking about life etc etc. [No – ah didn’say all my of my thinking –  Chryyst man - so keep in check dee donkey rock logic, puhleese.]

Oh..uh.. forgot to mention that I’ve downloaded these these YouTube vids in FLV format on to my new Samsung Galaxy S MID – so amma like totally ecstatic!!! [Errh.. MID? Yes that’ll be the new terminology for Mobile Internet Devices – no longer Mobile Phone Punch. Gotta keep dee Jumbie up tuh speed here, yuh know. LOL.]