11 Dec 2010

Chrome OS Part 2

I wrote about the Google Chrome Operating System before. Since then I have tried the Live CD.

First of all, in talking to a friend a while ago, I realised he did not know what is a Live CD. So let me explain. A Live CD is a CD with an operating system on it. It runs when the computer is booted with the CD in the disc drive… the Operating System on the CD is loaded instead of the Operating System on the hard drive. Technically therefore, the computer is booting from the CD and only the CD. The hard drive remains unchanged unless the user actively makes the changes via the Live CD or tools on the CD.

Some Live CDs have additional tools for troubleshooting PC systems. I made my first Windows Live CD way back in 1999 or so. Of course, back then Windows 98 was the most prolific OS around.  I then moved on the incorporating tools, and then multiple OS, Linux etc. on my Live CDs until it was too big and became a Live DVD.

A rather well known Live CD is Hiren’s Boot Disc. It contains many tools for troubleshooting and is a valuable tool for many engineers and technicians. A list of Live CDs is available here.

Back to the Chrome OS CD. I tried it last night. And I have to say, I am impressed.

The OS has a small banner of ads running on the bottom of the front screen. Other than that is is well designed, fast and everything is right at the beck and call of the user.

Chrome is based on Suse Linux, and appears to be well designed. I will tinker more on it… and keep you readers posted.