10 Dec 2010

Dunceys in the news

Interesting time with dunceys coming around again… For a long time, I have been writing about the tendencies of dunceys to sleep in air-conditioned cars/police stations, drink on the job, rent out guns and uniform, chase women… all while supposedly on duty.

Here is a duncey who seems to have been caught doing all of the above:

A police constable assigned to the Barataria Robbery Squad is facing disciplinary charges after he could not give a proper account for his service pistol and walkie-talkie set after he was held during a police exercise at a house in El Socorro.

The officer was reportedly intoxicated at the time his colleagues stormed a house along Maraj Street in El Socorro and found him in bed with a woman. A quantity of marijuana was discovered inside the house.

Police said shortly around 4.30 a.m, officers of the North Eastern Division boarded the house and the officer, in his underwear, jumped out of the bed with his hands in the air, shouting, "Police! police!"

He was later questioned by his colleagues and asked to produce his service pistol and walkie-talkie set, but the items could not be found. A check made was sometime later and the walkie-talkie set was discovered in a vehicle belonging to the woman, parked in the yard.

An unmarked police vehicle, assigned to the officer, was parked nearby.

The fully-loaded pistol was later found at a residence in Arima.

Police sources yesterday told the Express that two disciplinary charges have been drafted and are expected to be laid against the officer.

Police said occupants of the house where their colleague was found are known to be involved in the illicit drug trade.

And on another front… Machel Montano who assaulted a man 3 years ago and who often dictated terms of his trial dates, is only now called upon to answer the charges. Yes, after 3 long years.

The charges stem from a fracas outside the nightclub on Keate Street, Port-of-Spain, on April 26, 2007.

It takes 3 years to determine a no-case submission??? F**k, if I was not so ethical  I’d want to be a lawyer… milking all these dotish clients out of their hard earned cash.