7 Dec 2010

Enter the ignorant

I think the situation down on the Rock has finally got to both the Captain and me. Lately, neither of us has felt much like examining the situations presented in the news, nor have we felt much inclined to posting our views. It’s like trying to blow into a tornado.

Still, I have that 0.01% hope that things will improve, if not for myself then for the sake of relatives who are there.

I admit though, that some people go to extremes. Like every other person who was glad to see the back of P**rick (he’s still malingering somehow!!) I saw the new PP government as a change. I still do. It takes a while to undo the deeds (or misdeeds) of years of bad administration, and especially so when that administration had laws in place to protect the miscreants and their cronies. Case in point: a reminder that P**rick changed the law to allow Monteil to walk away with a cool $110M from Clico/Home Mortgage Bank.

Maybe I am getting liberal in my old age (Punks considers me an old man for the past 2 years). I see things slightly differently though I have been known to get pissed off a time or two. But I see the new PP as battling on several fronts.

  • Foremost, battling against the maladministration of the past regime. To undo corrupt practices which ruffles more than feathers I dare say. To change bad laws that permit said corrupt practices. To plan and implement sound policies which would have medium and long term effect upon the nation, its people, infrastructure, trade etc.
  • Battling against the aforementioned with a nearly empty treasury, and many debts being called in now.
  • Battling against a population and people who think everything should be solved in a day. Or maybe 6 months at the outset. Said people becoming more venomous daily, but without the benefit of structured thinking or even knowledge of how a government works.
  • Battling against censorship in media against any articles/commentaries of support. I know. Whenever I post comments purporting the alternate view to the venom and malicious commentaries I see, I am censored. In every media I write. Whether this censorship is a planned conspiracy or merely frustration of inaction I do not know and will not speculate. Sufficient to say it exists.
  • Battling internally with friendly foes who think they deserve a bigger slice of the ‘pie’.

… and the list goes on…

On a more personal note, I have had some bad news from the doctors regarding my health which has deteriorated somewhat over the past year. Many more hospital visits, many more medications, much more of my time invested away from my blog, hobbies etc. Increased frustrations aside, I take things one day at a time, and hope that a resolution is at hand.

This I mention not to garner sympathy but for readers to be aware I have not abandoned the blog, but need the break away from it for myself. Hopefully, readers will not just begin to ignore the opinions expressed.