17 Dec 2010

Entitlement mentality, aka ‘Gimme, Gimme’

I see the goodly people at Pan Trinbago are at it again; this time with the Minister of Multiculturalism, Winston "Gypsy" Peters.

These social misfits are threatening to boycott Panorama unless Mr Peters apologises. I concur with the Minister's statement about Panorama killing pan.

This I have argued for years. Those who will disagree do so largely out of selfishness.

Anyone can tell the first six bands in Panorama for the next ten years—unless there is a shift in sponsorship. It's simple a mix up between All Stars, Despers, Phase II, Exodus, Renegades and a band from South. And since Patrick Arnold is no longer in charge, Tobago will be excluded.

Panorama is a big lime; that's all—a $16 million Savannah party!

As a lover of the instrument, I find it offensive each year for this organisation to come cap-in-hand with their "entitlement mentality". But rest assured they are not alone.

Seems to be something about being a "Trini" since May 24, 2010, which apparently brought out this entitlement mentality.

As a self-proclaimed pseudo-social scientist, I have noted the frequency with which such demands are being made. Yet the Government seems to be unable to take a page from Nancy Reagan and "just say no". As such, claims are coming from all directions.

A huge one came from a failed empire, whose emperor resides in luxury in Miami or elsewhere.

Recently he was described as being "sick", perhaps appealing for sympathy. A couple days ago, he was threatening to reclaim his empire. And the people whose investments disappeared, threaten the Government with claims of entitlement.

Next we have farmers making claims of entitlement. Their crops are washed away. And the Government must compensate them, year after year, for their consistent dotishness; planting in flood-prone areas in the rainy season, yet surprised when the floods come and do what floods do.

And after they receive their entitlement (called compensation), taxpayers are still faced with ridiculous prices in the marketplace; a double whammy. Speaking of floods and entitlement, there are some geniuses posing as structural engineers who proceed to construct shacks on river banks.

And when rivers do what rivers do best in the rainy season, these geniuses along with their families are entitled to a house, al la the Government; furnishings and all.

Perhaps the entitlement lies in the fact that this banana republic is cursed with natural gas, oil, asphalt and talented people in all spheres of life.

As such, we feel entitled to free education, housing, land, health care, transportation, food, SUVs or luxury cars. This happens when the people in charge are as clueless as they come; degrees and all.

People who believe they need to be in control of everything will find themselves being involved everybody's business, even when they have no business being there. Everyone is entitled; me to my two cents; Pan Trinbago not a penny.

Rudy Chato Paul, Sr

I note that this writer made accurate and pointed observations. Many of them have been well documented in this blog over the past months.