4 Dec 2010

A rank situation

Enter Nizam Mohammed. No, not the former MP. Nizam was recently appointed Chairman of the Police Service Commission, known popularly as the PSC. I have to admit, renaming the PSC to Duncey Service Commission is not hard, given the example set by the Chairman.

Nizam was involved in an incident with two dunceys yesterday and came out scoring even lower than a duncey. That, in my opinion, takes a special breed of ‘dunceyness’.

The incident between Mohammed and the officers occurred around 12.40 p.m., while Gittens and Batson were directing traffic at the corner of Henry Street and Independence Square in Port of Spain. Baksh

Batson and Gittens, who were dressed in police uniform, were directing three lanes of traffic, one of which was proceeding onto Henry Street, heading north, while the other two lanes were proceeding east.

According to a statement given by the officers, a police source said, a black KIA Sportage SUV was proceeding on the centre lane and attempted to turn unto Henry Street.

Gittens, who was in front of the SUV, signaled [sic] to the driver to proceed east, but the driver of the SUV stopped the vehicle and identified himself as Nizam Mohammed, chairman of the Police Service Commission.

According to the statements, Mohammed told the officers he wanted to go up Henry Street because his office was located on Queen Street, but Gittens told Mohammed he had to continue east along Independence Square.

Gittens stated that Mohammed subsequently disobeyed her instructions and drove off onto Henry Street. She and Batson pursued Mohammed's vehicle, on foot, and caught up with it as it got stuck in traffic along the roadway.

Mohammed, the statement read, was ordered to pull his vehicle to the side of the roadway near the Puma Store, and asked to produce his driver's permit and insurance certificate.

Officers said Mohammed handed over his driver's permit and insurance and rolled up his window. Mohammed then made a call on his cell phone and later reportedly told Gittens that "the Commissioner" was on the phone and he wished to speak with her.

In response, officers said Gittens told Mohammed that she could not take the call since she was performing traffic duties.

In keep with the trend down on the Rock of ‘famous’ personalities developing manic minds, Nizam later reported:

“Then a man with a half-empty beer bottle came up and started threatening me and started talking about 'lock him up' and that kind of thing, and that is what forced me to call (Ewatski) for help."

He said, "I was virtually shaken, you know, because when the crowd gathered and were threatening me, they (Gittens and Batson) did absolutely nothing... I had a good taste of police rudeness to members of the public. They endangered my life and I was scared to death,"

From both accounts, two things are clear.

  • Nizam failed to obey the instructions of a police officer (in uniform), which supersedes any electronic traffic signals or road signs.
  • He then attempted to ‘pull rank’ (like men of ‘manic mind’ are accustomed to doing), and failed miserably at the time. He behaved like he was a HNIC!

The question now remains to be seen whether the rank {pun intended} idea of disciplining the dunceys will work in the aftermath.