31 Dec 2010

Saved by Carbonite!

What a coincidence – last year on 28th December 2009 – I wrote on Jumbies Watch: Do it or suffer. That was about data backup, and the serious suffering that could result from not backing up your files properly. I had highlighted 3 main types of backup and showed that Carbonite and Mozy were an important part of all backup strategies. (Yes, I know there are similar other offsite services, some better, some worse.)

2010_12_31_carboniteWell, tonight I’m so glad I had Carbonite running in the background because in the last 24 hours I lost some data during a hardware backup; probably due to a software error, or possible a hard drive error. Files became corrupted on both sides of the backup – files that were there for the last 5 months or so. No – panic did not take over because I knew I had Carbonite. There was just some mild anxiety. After all, you never really know for certain if these things work when you need them.

Oh joy! The thing worked!! Went online and found that Carbonite had backed up the corrupted files and had saved the non-corrupted as versions. So I just click to restore the original non-corrupted versions – and bingo, I’m back in business. Phew!!!

It’s that time of year when many of you will be taking photographs and audio-visual clips. Make sure you have them backed-up – I beg. Hardware onsite backups are good but they are vulnerable to media corruption for a number of reasons.

And to Jumbie, yes ah know dey have Recuva etc etc. but Recuva isn’t as easy as it is cranked up to be. Simplicity is the key with data backup. I’m a walking talking advert for Carbonite. Get it! Do it. Do it now! (Errh.. um.. uhhh you click the link: Carbonite.)