25 Dec 2010

Sex by surprise!!

Well I’m betting that it was the word ‘sex’ that caught your curiosity Winking smile.  Hey, not to worry - you won’t be disappointed.

This is me on the trail of the Julian Assange story. Yep – I have nothing better to do at Christmas. For those just catching up see: Thermonuclear war loomsThe accusations against Assange, and The world’s worst s/crew.

Start with the video from The Young Turks below (to the left).

What a surprise!!!
Cenk Uygur holds a very interesting interview with Assange.

More interesting video material below. Assange manages well the questions all round. Interestingly in the video interview with Frost below, Assange states that were he to assert that he would not be given a fair trial in Sweden, his bail would be cancelled and he would be sent back to prison. The reason for that, is that the prosecution in England had asserted at his bail application (which went all the way to the High Court) that they believed, that Assange believed, that he would not receive a fair trial in Sweden (read that again).

Assange is interviewed by Frost in England.
Cenk makes the case.. for standing firm.

It’s interesting, Frost’s facial expressions. He appears to be so attentive and in awe. The interview with John Humphreys on BBC is also a good one.

There is increasing talk on the net that Assange will be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.