23 Dec 2010

Tagging.. find your files easily

Some may know about tagging of sound and music files e.g. wav, ogg, wmv, and mp3 etc – however it is possible to tag any set of files.

Why might you want to do that. Well, if you’re like me – I often have files that fall into categories of ‘Academic’, ‘Business’ and ‘Personal’, and then into smaller subcategories – so tagging would save me having to duplicate or triplicate files, and or shortcuts.

Windows Indexer is good for some things but too often I get overwhelmed by the amount of irrelevant stuff it pulls up – especially when I’m in a rush to find something. And I don’t have much control over what Indexer does.

So – instead I’ll be able to tag files such as: business, academic, personal, pdf, science (or whatever), and keep them in any one folder, wiithout worry.

What does the above? There are two free applications – TaggedFrog and Tag2Find  - available at Addictive Tips. The tagging software helps because by the time I get to the 5th subcategory, I’m cool.