12 Dec 2010

‘Thermonuclear’ WAR looms!

[This article is not intended to be read by children or individuals suffering or predisposed to mental health problems. No liability is accepted for any injury caused in reporting this material.]

A War has broken out – and it could go ‘thermonuclear’ – read on you’ll see! An army of unknown ‘hacktivists’ have launched a counter-offensive against actions taken against WikiLeaks. It’s called ‘Operation Payback’. No – that’s not it. That’s just the start. As usual, the content on matters of this global importance is extensive and intricate – if you don’t have time – if you have pets and children to feed, or the car to wash etc -  simply push on. However if you are the kind of person who can create time for matters of world-shaking importance, then take in some of this stuff below. If you begin watching the video – especially the massacre by the Americans – you may not be able to ‘unstick’ yourself.  I recommend a quick overview of the text before going for the video content. There’s stuff below that’ll blow your mind!

Part 1 of Democracy Now vid
Part 2 of Democracy Now vid

This is a war between supporters of Julian Assange, the director and founder of WikiLeaks, and governments and big businesses around the world. (See The Guardian 2010-12-11). The brief background to this is that WikiLeaks basically spilled the beans on all manner of corrupt goings on at governmental levels. The great USA felt the brunt of it. After all, most if not all of  the  250,000 cables originating from US embassies, were to be spilt via the internet. To say the least – of the 1200 of those spilt as of last week – the USA administration was rocked, so much so that calls were made by US politicians for Assange to be executed – fatwah style. It’s really quite laughable how the USA pours scorn on certain Middle Eastern States but go on essentially to behave in a similar manner when it suits them. For day by day summaries of the leaks see The Guardian 2010-11-29.

Assange was arrested in London following extradition proceedings. Sweden wants him extradited to face allegations of rape. Swedish authorities issued an arrest warrant for Assange on 2010-08-20. Assange asserted that the allegations were “without basis”. The next day it appeared that the warrant was withdrawn, with one of Stockholm's chief prosecutors, Eva Finne, stating, "I don't think there is reason to suspect that he has committed rape…". But the investigation into rape is re-opened by 1st September and then another arrest warrant is issued. Then an international arrest warrant is made on 20th November. See the timeline at BBC 2010-12-08 and the BBC Analysis.

Following major leaks that rocked the world a few days ago, US politicians called for Assange to be hunted, executed and to be treated as a terrorist (start at The Business Insider 2010-12-08). However, Russian officials say that he should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (The Guardian 2010-12-09 ).

Assange is a lovable ‘rogue’; intelligent and highly motivated (just like the Captain Winking smile) to find and expose reality! The Frost video gives a quick update on the situation as of recently. The TED video to the right below is from the reputable TED (yep – the Cap has been to them Thumbs up).  Near the 15 min mark in the TED video Assange explains his core values – and he gets a standing ovation at the end.

Sir David interviews Marks Stephens, Assange’s lawyer.
TED interviews Assange – very interesting vid.

Assange is no fool – Amnesty International gave him a prestigious New Media award in 2009, for exposure of the Kenya situation he spoke about in the TED interview above.

Military video commented by Assange on Al Jazeera
Part 4 of the video showing some more gore.

Assange was recently arrested in London a few days ago for alleged sex crimes in Sweden. Assange was allowed to leave Sweden in August 2010 – charges at that time dropped.

See where WikiLeaks serves up its stuff below (and to the right).

Assange explains how the video was decrypted by volunteer effort.

But this war could take a ‘thermonuclear’ turn! Really? Yes – see Popular Science 2010-07-12  where Assange has made the 1.4GB information bomb called "insurance.aes256". The file is heavily encrypted by AES 256 – which is simply to say fourteen layers of obscurity protecting the encryption keys. This stuff is like TrueCrypt, which was described on this blog last year. Amazingly it is thought that the US Government had originally approved the AES encryption standard because they already have a back door through the encryption. However, Assange being an accomplished techno-wizard can’t be expected to be stupid enough to use AES if such a possibility existed. The ‘bomb’ is his insurance policy and therefore he would not be expected to use anything approved by the US Gov’t. Basically if Assange dies or is wrongly imprisoned the ‘bomb’ will be dropped. Already there are riots in Spain protesting Assanges arrest. Could you imagine what might happen after the ‘bomb’?

The world will not be the same after Assange. We are now into a new era where there is a new watchdog over politicians and those in power over us. [This post may be updated over the next few hours].