26 Dec 2010

Unadmittedly Green, or very happy at Xmas

Well, as the new year approaches many are thinking of resolutions, what presents they got, what they didn’t get etc. It’s a time of reflection and reverence many say. And.. and if you’re Hugh Hefner you’re particularly happy this season. Huh? Yep. Becuz you’re 84 and you just tweeted “When I gave Crystal the ring, she burst into tears. This is the happiest Christmas weekend in memory".

Crystal is/was his playmate – surprise.. surprise! This is the third marriage for Hefner. Oh...she's 24.

She’s in lurve!!!

So – I’m sure Jumbie will agree – that money and the right mate are the key ingredients to happiness, and that age difference is no obstacle (for adult relationships). Hey, Crystal is originally a Brit!!

Question for those in silence out there: ‘Don’t you wish you were either Hugh Hefner or Crystal Harris?’ – awwhh come on, admit (or not) that you’re green!!