15 Dec 2010

Unlimited mobile internet!

Three.co.uk has broken new ground in the internet market by offering truly unlimited internet from mobile phones for a fixed price - £25/month covers unlimited internet 5000 texts and 2000 minutes talk time (any landline or network).

See details here – which at this time are so hot, it’s not on the Three website.

The Cap thought this was too good to be true – so y’all know the Cap by now – I call dem up had meh tape recorder running. Dey was recording me and I was recording dem. Winking smile They answered every question I asked – I triple checked that it was truly unlimited internet, as it was.

So the Cap upgraded his two Three phone subscriptions in one shot for an additional £5 per phone. Now my internet goes wherever I go.

I tested the Three network’s wireless broadband tonight and got download speed at 4.41Mbps and upload at 1.1 Mbps! This is actually faster than my wired broadband which only gave 3.7 Mbps and 700Kbps upload speeds. So guess what’s the plan? Ditch the wired internet which I pay £14.00 per month for and which is capped at 40GB.

[Yes – ah know I eh guaranteed dat speed all rong dee country. This is about shifting costs and balancing against convenience].