30 Dec 2010

Where my thoughts lie

Over the past few days, several thoughts have entered my head with no desire to vacate. I started thinking of how society develops. There must be stages in the development of society I felt, where man moved from a single individual to living with a family, a tribe,  community. Indeed, this is so. But society’s development is a bit more complex. We have different tribes, different communities and have to interact, daily at times, with all of those.

A cursory search on the Web has surprised me. What I thought was a  straightforward look at how a society (a ‘physical’ society if that makes sense) develops turned out to be a wee bit more complex. Searches on Google brought up some similar topics like how an individual develops within society, the cultural development of the whole society, the influence of society and culture on the individual, the development of morality in the society and in the individual (and judicial systems), economic development… So it’s not an easy task to glean how a society develops. It is a far more complex issue than I thought.

However, a close look at America might serve to assist. America condensed the many stages of development into a few short centuries. From the early pilgrims to present day, Americans fast tracked society’s development. Of course, there is a distinct difference. The early settlers met communities (Native American). They also came from communities (European). What influence did these two situations have in giving America a ‘jump start’ if any?

Another interesting thought is the development of morality in society, and the individual. This bears more research – when I have the time.