18 Dec 2010

Where oh where, is the integrity?

Integrity Commission

This is an advertisement from the Daily Express publishing names of persons who HAVE FAILED TO COMPLY with the Integrity in Public Life Act (2000). [Chap 22:01]

Unless otherwise stated, a person is required to file a list of income, assets and liabilities within 3 months of becoming a person in public life. Further declarations are due by May 31 of every succeeding year.

Note that the names on this list are of persons who have not filed for 2008, or 2 years ago!!

Note too that the majority* of names are of PNM ‘persons, or persons appointed to act for, on behalf of, or in some way affiliated with the PNM.

The most glaring exceptions I found (after a brief scan and from the names I recognise) are Ms Khadijah Ameen-Rostant (Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Chairperson), Kelvin Ramnath (MP) and Chandresh Sharma (MP).

I did however notice several PNM MPs (shame on them!) including Brigid Annissette-George, Marlene McDonald (these 2 are lawyers would you believe?), Gary Hunt, Paula Gopee-Scoon… Oh, one of the persons failing to so declare is Carol Hernandez, Solicitor General.

I want to remind readers, that despite all the names on this list (there appear to be a couple of hundred at least!), former opposition Leader Basdeo Panday remains the ONLY PERSON charged under this ACT!! The only one in 10 years, mind you. Not one ‘PNM’ person who flaunts the law has been even disciplined by the IC much less the courts.

*Majority does not mean ‘ALL’. It means those of the greater quantity.